Trappe de poulailler autobloquante

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The world’s first self-locking chicken coop hatch

 Prevents determined foxes and other predators from lifting the coop door
– Innovative self-locking mechanism
– Recycled plastic, sturdy and durable
– Sturdy aluminum door


What is the self-locking chicken coop door?

We are excited to introduce our new self-locking chicken coop hatch designed to improve the safety of your chicken coop. The unique self-locking flaps in the world have been designed to prevent predators from lifting the door of the chicken coop and reaching your hens.

When the hatch lowers and closes, the latches automatically lock to secure the door. No action required, relax!

The safety of your hens is our priority but we also take our environmental responsibility very seriously. That’s why our strong and durable slides are made from recycled materials.

The self-locking chicken coop hatch has been designed for ChickenGuard© automatic doorkeepers, it is the ultimate way to protect your hens from predators.

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Exceptional Support

From the ChickenGuard Team

Resistant and recyclable

Our self-locking chicken coop hatch is strong, durable and recyclable

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Why choose ChickenGuard?


Why choose ChickenGuard?

Find out why ChickenGuard is tested and trusted by over 100,000 users worldwide.

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Made from recycled plastic


Innovative self-locking latches

Exclusive trick lock mechanism


Self-locking hatch

The world's first self-locking chicken coop hatch



More security against predators

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